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PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by exposure to traumatic events. An individual suffering from it may exhibit anger issues, become easily irritated or startled, have trouble leeping, or difficulty concentrating. Carly exhibited some of these issues upon her return to the States. So did her boyfriend, a former Army Special Ops soldier who had also spent time in Afghanistan. Within that relationship was planted the seed that eventually led Carly to seek help from the VA and reluctantly from her fellow veterans. It's never easy to reach out.

The relationship became explosive, as the couple tried to deal with their wartime experiences. There were fits of yelling, pushing, screaming, as they tried to live life with the memories of war and instinctive reactions compounding the relationship. Among all this, they had bought a home and had a child together. Carly's boyfriend had acquired an excellent job with a government contractor and Carly was able to stay home to care for the baby. Their life was comfortable, but still very stressful. The pressure became immense for Carly's boyfriend and he began using heroin. The fighting only worsened, with occasional threats of harm issued on both sides, even though he could snap her like a twig if he wanted. Bills didn't getpaid. Stuff happened.

Then one day, he hit Carly. And that's when she realized that she had to get out of this relationship. She left with her baby, a few clothes, a broken cell phone, and a few bucks - very few bucks. She was able to secure an apartment in a shelter that helps victims of domestic abuse, but she had nothing else. Nothing. The NH Freedom Cup heard of her plight through one of the VFW posts that we work with. With the help of several veterans groups, we became a part of assisting with her immediate needs - with food and gas cards; securing clothing, diapers and Christmas toys for her baby; buying household items, and finding her a used car.

There were added difficulties to overcome. The car died the first day it was registered; it needed a new engine. The team pulled in many favors to handle that. Her shattered credit rating made it impossible to obtain her own cell phone, so we helped her. The team helped to get herenrolled in a nursing program - her passion - and expedited her VA claim. They're working on child care now, which is a tougher situation but Carly is slowly putting her life together. This was teamwork at its best. This was helping a veteran who had served her country with distinction.This was doing what we firmly believe God expects us to do. The individuals who led this mission could have helped Carly with a few things and then walked away, figuring that they'd done enough and maybe the government would eventually help her, but they didn't walk away. They reached out to a few groups who help in these situations. The NH Freedom Cup is proud to have been one of them.,/p>

So the next time you tee off at our tournament, remember that you hit that golf ball for a cause. For veterans like Carly who could all too easily become a statistic, through no fault of their own. And that's why you golf with the New Hampshire Freedom Cup. Because every dollar we make from our tournament is available to help veterans get over those humps in life. So be proud of yourself. We know Carly is.

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NHFC provides red tape free short term financial support to active military, their families and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. These men and women have sacrificed mightily for our country. Your contributions help them when they most need it.

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