Eighth Annual NH Freedom Cup Golf Tournament


The 7th Annual New Hampshire Freedom Cup - Our Tribute to America's Heroes

Good Golf   •  Money Raised.   •   Thank You All Who Contributed.

The New Hampshire Freedom Cup proudly hit several milestones in 2016.

Last June, we reached our seventh year of organizing the NHFC Golf Tournament at Candia Woods Golf Course, an admirable milestone. With another beautiful day on hand, over 120 "friends of veterans" enjoyed themselves on the links and in the dining hall, sandwiching in 18 holes between breakfast and one of the best lunches you'll ever have at a golf tournament. In honor of our 5th tournament, each player and volunteer received a special commemorative coin honoring the service of Cpl. Michael Ouellette, USMC, Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipient, in whose memory this tournament is played so that other veterans may be helped.


How You Help - A True NH Freedom Cup Assist

By Joe Paradis, NHFC.

Carly had a situation.

She had spent a year in Afghanistan, serving her country as so many of her fellow countrymen and women have done. She experienced firsthand the horrors of war as an Army medic. With that "real world experience" she also developed real world consequences, primarily PTSD, known as post-traumatic stress disorder; exhibiting symptoms quite typical of those who experience combat situations.


About Michael Ouellette

Navy Cross  •  New Hampshire Medal of Honor.   •   Real American Hero


On March 22, 2009, Corporal Ouellette was leading his squad on a combat patrol in Afghanistan, when an IED exploded beneath his feet, severing his left leg and spraying him with shrapnel. Following the explosion, he directed his squad to prepare a hasty defense while helping to treat his own injuries. Moments later enemy fighters opened fire on his squad with assault rifles and machines guns from point blank range. Even as a corpsman worked to stem his massive bleeding, Corporal Ouellette continued to direct the fire of his sqaud...

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Services Overview

NHFC provides red tape free short term financial support to active military, their families and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. These men and women have sacrificed mightily for our country. Your contributions help them when they most need it.

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