5th Annual New Hampshire Freedom Cup

The morning began, as usual, with our military honors ceremony, highlighted by presentation of the colors by a Marine Corps Honor Guard from Portsmouth and singing of the National Anthem by Lorraine Sawyer of the VFW Women's Auxiliary. The ceremony was followed by brief comments from Senator Kelly Ayotte and Kristin Maxwell, Program Manager for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at the VA Medical Center in Manchester.

As in past years, participants didn't fail to get goose bumps as they entered the Candia Woods parking lot and passed the Patriot Guard standing at attention with their huge American flags. There's just something beautiful about that flag, especially when it's presented in numbers. And there is absolutely nothing more hauntingly beautiful than the sound of bagpipes in the distance, on a quiet summer morning, punctuated by the occasional chirping of birds. The NH Freedom Cup knows how to set the mood.

John Salterio, Nick Salterio, Lindsey Nance, and Steve Leary achieved a milestone of their own, as they took 1st Place for the third straight year, just squeaking by our 2nd Place finishers, and were roundly applauded for that achievement by their fellow golfers. This is golf, after all - a game in which players tend to self-admonish of their own play, but appreciate the efforts ofthose who play their best game on any given day.

The NHFC also hit its proudest milestone in 2014. Working throughthe Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) in Manchester, we have now distributed over 2,000 food and gas cards to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That assistance would not have come from any other group. The Freedom Cup has a unique relationship with the VAMC, being the only non-profit organization that directly relies upon VA case workers to judiciously distribute food and gas cards to veterans who need a little boost to get them through tough times. This is our primary function, although certainly not our only one.

THE NHFC also assisted several veterans with heating their homes this past winter, again with recommendations from the VAMC. We were especially proud to have assisted a female veteran with a unique situation (see story elsewhere in this newsletter). A very special thank you to all who golfed with us or donated to the cause last year. Your efforts are never in vain and were particularly helpful this year.

We hope you will join us again at Candia Woods on Friday, June 26 for a fun outing and a noble cause; and of course, bring others with you! The more funds we raise from this tournament, the more veterans wecan help. And there will never be a shortage of those brave men and woman who will always remember collectively that we all helped them in their time of need. In memory of Cpl. Michael Ouellette, United States Marine Corps, Semper Fi to all of you.

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NHFC provides red tape free short term financial support to active military, their families and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. These men and women have sacrificed mightily for our country. Your contributions help them when they most need it.

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